• JX360/4
    (Car Audio Amplifiers - Multi Channel Amplifier)

    The JX360/4 employs a tried-and-true Class A/B design with a robust MOSFET power supply to deliver a strong 90 watts to each of its four channels into 2 ohms (14.4V, 1% THD).

    Use the JX360/4 in combination with our JX500/1 or JX1000/1D monoblocks to build an amazing amplification system at a very affordable price. Or, use the JX360/4 by itself to power two satellites, plus a subwoofer.

    The JX360/4 includes a defeatable 12 dB / octave filter for each channel bank, which can be configured as a low-pass or high-pass filter and offers continuously variable cutoff frequency selection from 50-200 Hz. Dedicated hi-level inputs are included, in addition to conventional low-level RCA inputs, making it easy to integrate with a variety of OEM and aftermarket head units.



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