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Remote Start Lookup Guide

Why do you need a remote starter?

Here in Central New York we are all too familiar with going out into the cold and into a vehicle that is even colder. Imagine your car already being warm and toasty when you enter it, or never needing to stand out in the snow to scrape ice off your windshield again.

Maybe you're worried about leaving your vehicle running unattended where someone could jump in and drive away. When your vehicle is started remotely, it cannot be driven without the key being inserted into the ignition or the key fob being present for vehicles equipped with push to start. Furthermore, if a vehicle is started remotely, the engine with shut off when the brake is depressed without the presence of the key fob or key in the ignition. Due to this, remote starting your vehicle is far safer than starting a vehicle and leaving the keys in the ignition.

If this sounds like something that you would like, then you should consider adding a remote starter to your current vehicle today. Check out our FAQs or go to our Lookup Guide to find your perfect remote starter.

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