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3812 Brewerton Road, North Syracuse, NY 13212

Customer Service

I wanted to take a minute and let you know about the work Installations Unlimited did for me on my 2017 Toyota 4Runner, not limited to Cold Air Intake and Exhaust, Head/Fog light LED upgrade, Steel Grill replacement  with 20 in LED light bar, Suspension lift, New Fuel rims and new tires and finally a complete JL Audio stereo system upgrade. I couldn't be more thrilled with the completed job and that's putting it mildly. All the work done was first class quality and you should be proud of the team you have put together. I worked mostly with Roger, but Rob and Brian also assisted and I don't want to leave out the service desk or the guys behind the scenes either. Everybody took the time to make sure I was satisfied or had any questions on the project. I was even given a ride to work and offered pick-up.  I would highly recommend Installations Unlimited to anybody considering any size project and will be sure to follow up with FOX Toyota In Auburn where I purchased the vehicle and who recommended your business. Thanks Again.

Kevin B. 12/1/2017

Customer Service

I love you guys. You always make me feel like I'm a cousin you don't see that often but are happy I'm there etc., and I love the work, how well you keep the vehicle looking EXACTLY the way it was when you got it (i.e., things aren't broken, dirtier than they were etc..._ and you never do the "ugh" thing if I by chance come in with "this isn't working right" and it's usually a simple button I pushed and didn't realize it etc. And someone is always there to run outside even though you all seem pretty busy :) 

AND because I ONCE ventured away (hangs head in shame) I can really stand by the "family" feeling you all give your customers... AND you never try to sell the top of the line item, you guys are always great about "not wanting to spend a lot but want something that'll fit the needs" all the while saying things like "well now in the future/down the line if you want this then you should THINK about getting this one" and then always come up with alternatives of 'adding something else'. 

You all know your STUFF! 

I can't say enough great things :) 

Thank you again for all that you do!!! 
Kristin D. 2/23/2017

Customer Service

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the TV swap. Installers were friendly, helpful & professional. You can send those guys to my house anytime.

Thanks Much!

Roger B. 1/13/2017

Customer Service

Just thought I’d let you know that the Time Warner guy just left, and all three TVs are up and running, FINALLY!

Thanks so much for all of your help with this.  Christian is quite an amazing guy and was very helpful in explaining everything to me.  You’re lucky to have him.

I will be recommending your company to anyone I know who might benefit from your services.

Thanks again!

Mary L. 1/13/2017

Customer Service

I brought my car over to have a remote starter put in. While I was waiting for my ride, I was talking with another gentleman and he was telling me what a great business Installations Unlimited is and the he recommends it to many people.

I had a call from Jason and he informed me that my car already had a remote starter. Needless to say I was embarrassed. When I picked up my car, Jason very nicely told me how to start the car and explained that factory installations didn't have a very long range and if I ever wanted to have a longer range to bring the car in again. Jason is a really nice man and must be a great asset to your business.

Phylis L. 12/9/2016

Customer Service

I had a remote starter installed on my car last Friday. You were highly
recommended to me by Johnny Corrado and I am so glad I took his advice. Considering the weather we've had the last few days, being able to start and warm up my car from inside is the best thing ever! What impressed me most is how friendly everyone was; from the sales person to the gentleman I left my car with and especially the technician that went
over the instructions with me. My dad had a few questions about a
back-up camera and he was very thorough and patient. I will recommend
Installations Unlimited every chance I get. Thank you for such a great


Donna D. 11/22/2016

Customer Service

Just a note to tell you what a fine job your shop did for me today.

Your Jerry and Roger were especially helpful getting a Sirius radio installed in my T-Bird. The job took exactly the amount of time Jerry quoted me on the phone. And the bill was exactly what he also quoted.

Thank you and your team for your very professional work.

Best wishes!

Bill L. 9/20/2016

Customer Service

I brought my car in this morning because of an issue with a seat heater. Though I did not have an appointment, I was taken in immediately & in a half hour I had a new heater at no cost due to warranty. Once I got in my car in the parking lot, the gentlemen whom I dealt with in the original purchase ran out to aplogize for the failure & wish me well. Thank you for the excellent customer service, excellent products & excellent attitude!

Ron G. 9/21/2015

Customer Service

Your customer service staff is excellent, very polite & courteous. I work in customer service also, but nothing like yours. Special thanks to the greeter & special thanks to Aaron, Nicki & all the rest of the staff. It's people like them that make it worth coming to your place of business. They really know their job & I would definitely recommend you to my friends. My car was handled professionally.

Thanks again.

Harriett D. 7/12/2015

Video Intercom Installation

Jeff & Mike,

Thank you so much for helping us with our video intercom. It really takes care of all our needs. Mike did a wonderful installation & it was a pleasure working with both of you. Great job! Until our next project.

Vince & Pat S. 6/13/2015

Leather Seat Covers Installation

I just wanted to say thank you for the great job your team did on my leather seat covers install for my Nissan 350Z a couple of weeks ago. The heated seat coil transfer from my old covers is working great too, for both seats. They feel just as warm as they did before, even with the extra padding.

Thanks again!

Chris G. 5/13/2015

Nuvo System Installation

Just a note to thank you all again for the resolve & service related to our Nuvo. Through the troubles we have had, you all have done everything possible from a support & service standpoint & I can't thank you enough! The system has worked flawlessly since your last visit. We love it & enjoy it daily.

We will be in touch as soon as anything A/V related develops... wouldn't even think of using anybody else!

Thanks again.

Brian O. 5/6/2015

Outdoor Audio System Install

I just wanted to thank you and you staff for working with us. We love the system you recommended. Also, your quick response to the one issue we had demonstrates how good you guys are.
Thanks again!

Dave C. 5/4/2015

Customer Service

I just wanted to make you aware of an exceptional employee that waited on me yesterday and today. I called yesterday to inquire about weather tech liners and he was very clear about the product and helpful to me on the phone. Not only did he quote me prices, he also informed me I would be able to get them the very next day if I liked. I stopped by later in the day and ordered them with Aaron, again he was very helpful by further showing me the product in the store and how they will meet my needs. I could have gotten them closer to my house, but he was so personable on the phone I thought I would give your company the business. I was informed promptly they were available today, and I stopped in to get them. Again, I saw Aaron who seems to be a man who wears many hats but is all about customer service. He helped take them out of the box (I have carpal tunnel so that was quite helpful). As soon as he had a minute, he helped me carry them to my car and guided/assisted me in installation. I tried to give him a tip but he wouldn't take it! Because of the good experience I had with Aaron, I will not hesitate to seek service here again and recommend same to others. He certainly is an asset to your business.

Gale W. 4/22/2015

TV Install

I felt compelled to drop you a note and let you know how happy I am. Your installer, Shawn arrived here about 9:30, introduced himself and did an outstanding job installing the TV, the receiver and networking it with my other receiver. He did a great job in every sense of the word. Was very friendly and encouraged me to ask questions. He went through the complete setup, programmed my T.W. remote and downloaded the control app for my phone and iPad. I am very pleased with his professionalism. As a matter of fact I am very pleased with the entire way you handled both my wife and me as customers. You were to the point, very knowledgable, you listened, you made great suggestions and above both my wife and myself felt you were very fair.

Ray F. 4/3/2015

Car Starter Installation

I recently had a car starter put in my son's car and I am writing to say thank you. From the time I made the appointment, till we walked in the door and after the car was done everyone was very nice and helpful. It was a wonderful experience. All I can say is keep up the good work.

Cindy I. 3/30/2015

Theater Install

I love it..everyone I have had over since is jealous. The sound is crazy loud, just what I wanted. Both guys were professional and did a great job!

Michael S. 2/25/2015

TV Upgrade

Love the new TV---picture is gorgeous, app suite is awesome, and the stream lined look is so much better than the hunk of a TV we had there. Thanks to you and your guys for another awesome job--well done. I will be in touch whenever the need arise---you guys are awesome!

Brian O. 2/13/2015

Customer Service

You have been very helpful. Good customer service is hard to come by. You have been very helpful, accessible and easy to work with. That is why I will send people your way whenever the opportunity presents itself.

April W. 08/13/2014

Vehicle Installation

I just wanted to send along another HUGE THANK YOU for all of your help, patience, understanding and amazing work! I'm truly in love with my Jeep (Even more so!) now! I was amazed that by just stopping in to check the status of my order would result in it being done today! Thank you! You guys rock!

Michele L. 05/14/2014

Home Theater Install

I just wanted to say thank you to Sean Eckler and Jeff Conley for their expertise and genuine care in helping me in my search for a new TV for my basement. My space is 20' x 19' and I was looking at a samsung 75 ". I measured the distance from the TV to where I would sit and the screen still looked to small for the room. Sean came over to help me and suggested a projector system. After watching, research and talks with both Sean and Jeff, I ordered the system. One thing I do have to say is neither Jeff or Sean tried to sell me a more expensive system or individual cables and such that I would need. I also wanted to take part in the process and it was nice to know I could do most of the prep work. One week later I have a Home Theater in my basement and the picture is incredible. I purchased a Epson 8350 and a 120" Dragonfly screen. I am very happy with my experience at Installations Unlimited.

Thanks again.

P.S. now how to a get rid of all the freeloaders that have shown up at my house since?

George C. 03/16/2014